Thinking about celebrating is inspired by my wife, who has a big birthday tomorrow. We have made special plans with people we care about. In these times it would have been easy to not do so, have a quiet moment with immediate family, and move one. But when you do that time keeps marching forward and you’re missed an opportunity.

The opportunity missed is the chance to celebrate a person, an occurrence, a moment worth celebrating. This applies in the workplace too. For me, I know the times I received a huge ruling from a court on a trial or appeal, or closed a large complex transaction, and then kept working. I read a long ruling, emailed congratulations to my team, and called my client, but, in hindsight, I should have done more. I should have taken my team out to celebrate for lunch, dinner, or drinks. The what doesn’t matter as much as doing something. If my client lived in the Phoenix area I should have done the same with them, maybe along with the team.

Once you miss that opportunity to celebrate in the moment, or on or close in time to a birthday or anniversary, the moment has passed. Letting it pass also loses opportunity for connection with others, which even we all crave. Sometimes a big celebration is called for. Other times it could be a small, quiet event. The next time a reason to celebrate arises, mark the moment and do something. Those are the times remembered and spoken about into the future.