Being envious of other does not help you in your life. A better title or having more money doesn’t mean the person is happy or has an easier life. Walking in someone else’s shoes for real would be eye opening to see they have worries and problems, just like we all do. No one has “perfect” life. This is why envy is waste of time and energy.

For instance, people you view as being “higher up” may hate the position they are in. People who seem to have money may be living on debt. You shouldn’t make assumptions, but that is a topic for another day.

Similarly, don’t be vindictive. Don’t try to get even. If you are in a situation where you think doing so is the right course of action, the only one keeping score is you. In that case, the one losing is you, for sure. It takes time to build a good reputation and mere moments to destroy it. Don’t be that person.

I have mentioned this before. Do your best at whatever it is you do and let what happens happen. But in doing so, do it in a way that is honest so you can look back with no regrets. If you don’t, the person you “run over” may be the vindictive sort. If that persons tries to get even it will waste your time and take your focus from the things you need to or would rather be focusing on.

Always look forward, not backward. Avoid envy and getting mired in keeping score or settling scores. Focus on yourself and you will set yourself up with a better chance to for whatever you see as success.