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Everything you want is on the other side of hard

I heard the basketball player Chris Paul say this during an interview on a podcast. The phrase struck me and stuck with me. It encapsulates the idea that success and achievement often require effort, perseverance, and overcoming challenges. In life, we all have dreams, aspirations, and goals that we desire to achieve, whether they be personal, professional, or emotional. However, these desires are not handed to us on a silver platter; they demand dedication and hard work.

The path to success is rarely smooth. Instead, it is usually filled with obstacles, setbacks, and difficulties. It is on the other side of these hardships that you will find the rewards you seek. The challenges you face test your resolve and determination, pushing you to develop new skills, gain experience, and grow as an individual. Without these hurdles, you would never fully appreciate the value of your accomplishments.

One of the crucial lessons this phrase teaches is that you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and embrace discomfort. By confronting difficulties head-on, you cultivate resilience and adaptability, making you better equipped to handle future challenges. The journey itself becomes a source of growth and learning, allowing you to discover your strengths and weaknesses and encouraging self-improvement.

Ultimately, when you persist and stay committed to your goals despite the hardships, you increase the likelihood of achieving them. The satisfaction and fulfillment that come from reaching the other side of hard are unparalleled. It reminds all of us that success is not merely a destination but a transformative journey that shapes us into the best versions of ourselves. So, embrace the difficulties, stay dedicated, and press forward because, indeed, everything you want lies on the other side of hard.

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Happiness comes from giving of yourself

Happiness is a deeply fulfilling and enriching emotion that can be attained through various means, but one of the most profound sources of happiness is found in giving of yourself. When you extend your kindness, generosity, and support to others, you experience a sense of purpose, connection, and joy that is unparalleled.

Giving of yourself fosters meaningful connections and builds stronger relationships. When you selflessly give your time, attention, and resources to others, you establish bonds based on trust, empathy, and mutual support. These connections bring a sense of belonging and fulfillment, as you witness the positive impact you can have on the lives of others. Engaging in acts of kindness and generosity not only benefits those on the receiving end but also enhances your own well-being and sense of interconnectedness.

Giving of yourself also allows you to tap into your inherent capacity for compassion and empathy. It enables you to step outside of your own needs and concerns, and genuinely understand and care for the well-being of others. When you practice empathy and actively seek to alleviate the suffering of others, you experience a profound sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Giving of yourself helps cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning in your life, as you recognize your ability to make a positive difference in the world around you.

Furthermore, giving of yourself can lead to personal growth and self-discovery. Through acts of service and giving, you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and expand your perspective. You develop new skills, gain insights into different lifestyles and cultures, and acquire a deeper understanding of the human experience. By stretching your boundaries and reaching out to others, you discover hidden strengths, uncover new passions, and learn valuable lessons about yourself and the world.

Last, it just feels good to help others. Lifting up others and helping them does as much for you as it does for those you help. It provides purpose and lifts your soul.

Happiness comes from giving of yourself. By extending kindness, compassion, and support to others, you not only enhance their lives but also nourish your own well-being. The act of selfless giving builds meaningful connections, cultivates empathy, and fosters personal growth. So, embrace the joy and fulfillment that comes from sharing your time, talents, and resources with others, because in doing so, you truly discover the essence of happiness.

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You meet the people you’re supposed to when you’re supposed to

This goes for all personal and professional relationships in your life. I heard a woman on a podcast say this, and it struck me. She was speaking about meeting her husband and when things clicked versus when they first met years prior. She could’ve been telling a story about meeting someone who helped her professionally. We’ve all met someone randomly and have these types of stories.

If you say you don’t, you just haven’t spent time thinking about it. You don’t want to live with your foot in the past, but knowing and, if you’re comfortable with it, acknowledging those who have helped you along your path, especially people you met by chance, makes a difference in both of your lives.

I feel lucky enough to have a number of these stories in both my personal and professional lives. For instance, I came to my firm, Jaburg Wilk, through an attorney there I had randomly come into contact with at the beginning of my career and by then I knew a bit as a professional connection. The interesting part is that through that same person I had the opportunity to come work at Jaburg Wilk in a few years earlier, but turned it down to go to work at a large local firm. When I ultimately came to the firm it was the right time for me to do so and happened because of me randomly running into that same connection at a professional event.

The point is that you never know what a chance meeting, interview, or connection may lead to in the future. When I came back around, I was lucky enough that the firm still was willing to speak with me. Luckily my longtime connection who worked there was open to speaking with me about a position and to talking to his partners about interviewing me again.

You have no way of knowing who you meet that may be important in your life. No matter what side of the relationship I am on, the connection may ultimately be beneficial for me. It may be a situation where I give 10 minutes to someone I am informally mentoring. You will find that if you treat people kindly, with respect, and give them your most valuable resource, your time, there is a better chance that if they are related to a potential opportunity, it will be visited upon you.

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