Ideas are important. If you have them and don’t act, then ideas don’t matter. The ability to put ideas into action is a separate skill, and one you need to succeed.

This may not be you. Many people are the idea people, but follow through isn’t their strong suit. What can you do if that’s you? The first thing is to work with someone who has complimentary skills, someone who will take action and move ideas forward. If you are that person, but not an idea person, you need to work with an idea person.

The point of teams is to have a group of people work together with complimentary and sometimes overlapping skillsets. It helps if you have self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, and can be honest about them. We all can’t do everything well. If you figure out what you do well, you will in turn be figuring out the types of people you need to create a good team.

One way to figure out how well you execute is to think of good ideas you’ve had. Think about whether you’ve taken any action to move an idea forward or is it just that, an idea. Even if you aren’t one who can execute well, you can come up with a list of what needs to be done to implement your idea. This will allow you to think about who you need to help you do so. Any steps forward are better than no steps.

Think about you and your ideas, and take the first step towards executing and moving forward to your future.