I heard someone being interviewed and they mentioned a goal to destroy apathy. Given that apathy is the lack of motivation, this makes sense. It can seem pervasive at times with your children, younger employees and others. You know you have felt it too. I heard this statement and thought “that’s right, we need to destroy apathy” and show people the steps to success.

Many people look at success and see an image in their mind. Some see the hard work and motivation it takes to become successful, but some don’t. A lot of people see how it’s portrayed on television or otherwise think there’s an easy road to the top. There’s not.

It’s important to teach people, from a young age, about the work and motivation it takes to reach goals and achieve success. You can start with small or short term goals, which are a stepping stool to larger and longer term goals, which may be potentially more meaningful. It’s possible to inspire motivation and beat apathy. Being honest about the process and what it takes is a good place to start.

Help other by providing them with strategies.  It may be more practical to break big tasks into smaller parts. It depends what small hill or large mountain the person is trying to climb. You can help them understand what it takes. Doing so will give them a better chance to succeed and, when they do, you both will experience the satisfaction.