Comfort is a killer of creativity and improvement. When you’re comfortable, there is a feeling you can coast, doing the same old, same old, and it causes many people to stagnate personally or professionally. That doesn’t mean they won’t be happy or maintain their position and role, but they will be stuck under a false glass ceiling they created.

When you come up with ideas and try new things you are trying to break through the artificial ceiling you have allowed to stop your growth. It’s part of growth and improvement for you and your business. Some ideas will work and others won’t. But you don’t know unless you stay creative, which includes you stepping out of your comfort zone and inspiring others to follow you out onto the ledge.

Not all great ideas will be outside (or far outside) of your comfort zone. Some may improve your days, your health, a role or process at your company. Those types of ideas are important too. Any continued growth allows you and your business to stay competitive and successful.

The ideas outside of your comfort zone are different. These types of ideas allow you to have the chance to make significant personal changes or be thought of as an innovator and person of vision. Big risk, big reward.

Which type of person are you striving to be or are you? Are you staying in place stagnating or being worried about losing success, or are you out on the ledge trying to dance? Nothing is wrong with being either type of person, but it’s important to have the self awareness to know who you are. Either way, if you try to go past the end of your comfort zone, not only is that where life and adventure begin, the inspiration and exhilaration you feel are intoxicating and hopefully will keep you creating throughout your life and career.