Intention figures into everything you do. Intention is your aim or plan. If you approach something with no intention it will be more difficult to complete your plan or reach your goal. Intention can relate to long term or short term plans.

In my legal practice, my intention is to do quality work on my clients’ behalf and help them achieve their goals. To do this, I focus on listening from the first interaction to understand their goals. I then advise them and work on their behalf with their intention in mind. I do my best to make sure I have the necessary information to make recommendations and that they have the necessary information to make choices.

Some people may be motivated by money. They will do whatever it takes to earn more, even if it means working one or more jobs they don’t like. If so, hopefully this is a short term plan because it is hard to do work you don’t enjoy.

Others may have the intention to better society. Maybe they work at a non-profit that has a mission they are passionate about. Or they may work in government.

I heard a professional musician interviewed about this and how his first real mentor preached intention. The musician thought about this and ultimately decided his intention was to be able to support himself, and later his family, through playing music and never having to get a ”real job.” His initial plan was to play with anyone who asked where there was a paying gig. As he improved, he had more and better choices, but, even decades into his career, he still makes choices based on his original intention.

The point is to think through your choices and options. This allows you to choose based on your intention. Doing anything important in your life without thinking about intention will make for a harder road. It is worth your time to consider this and think thoughtfully and meaningfully on intention throughout your life.