As an attorney, I don’t necessarily think of myself as creative or an artist. Despite this, I have to be creative during negotiations for clients or in coming up with legal arguments. No matter what type of business you work in or run, being creative is a benefit. You can work like people have for years or try to be creative, think outside the box and do something new.

You may be successful doing the same old, same old. I am not advocating for you to wholesale change what you’re doing or your approach. Adding creativity to me means doing the same old along with trying something new. It also is important to know if that new thing isn’t working that you need to shut it down. Then come up with something else new and try it.

This doesn’t mean coming up with something off the top of your head and putting it into play. In business, as opposed to art, it is important to think through the ideas you come up with. This could mean writing a business plan or conducting sufficient research before sinking significant resources into your new creative idea.

Every year I try to come up with a new idea to put into play in the way I work or how I conduct marketing and business development activities. This blog was one of those ideas many years ago. In addition to keeping me connected with people I know, as well as making new connections, it gives me another creative outlet. These are some of the reasons I keep doing it, but if I didn’t enjoy it and derive any professional benefits, I would stop.

As you can see, ideas do not need to be earth-shattering. The idea is to be constantly and consistently coming up with ideas and deciding which one to try. Sit down and see what can you come up with.