Life goes by fast. As you age, people around you get sick, are in accidents, and even pass away. If you don’t stop to do things you enjoy, you will end up in the next day and have missed a chance to do something you enjoy, even if just for a moment.

Life is full of wonder. Do you notice? Live each day in a way that you can look back and point to the moments that were good, or even amazing. How much better is that than looking back with regret? We are in control of our thoughts and feelings, but also of our actions.

Smile at strangers. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether they smile back, though most will. Little things like this make life fun. Also, you never know when the person you smiled at needed a pick me up and things like this make people feel good. It will make you feel good too. Little things like this add up to make life better and more enjoyable, and to connect people and create community.