The subject of this blog post is a great quote from Oscar Wilde. And it rings true because it is better to be an honest version of yourself than a fake version of someone else. Everyone has heard the saying “fake it till you make it,” but being yourself from the start will get you farther in life.

Many people in our society have people they want to emulate, many times only seeing the public image and knowing nothing about the person. It could be a musician, an actress, a politician, or someone else in the public eye. But it also could be a professional or an entrepreneur. It can be about something specific or superficial, like how someone dresses, the type of car they drive or how their hair looks. It also can be bigger picture or innate qualities people are drawn to, like attitude, dealing with others or how you carry yourself.

Instead of trying to be exactly like someone you look up to, find qualities in others that you like or are drawn to and try incorporate them into your life. It may or may not work because it may or may not be who you are. And that is the goal, to discover and be the best you. This is what will give you the best chance at success personally and professionally.

A good way to do this is to find a good mentor to help you be a better you. By this, I mean you can seek guidance that will help you to carve out your own style or way of doing things. People will remember you if you do things your own way, well, along with your positive unique characteristics. If you are similar to someone else in my world there is a good chance I will remember that person before you. If you are your own unique self it is more likely I, and other people, will remember you.

This may or may not matter to you in your personal life, but it does for most of us in our business life. You know “out of sight, out of mind.” You will be more successful if you dance to your own drummer and are someone who comes to mind. So embrace your similarities and differences to other, including what you are passionate about, and be yourself!