Some of you may be asking, what does he mean? Some of you may be saying, “work/life balance, I’ve got it!” Others are saying “Good luck on that!” I’m focusing on the importance of focusing on this balance whether or not you actually achieve it. That focus gives you an chance and hopefully allows you to make plans, take a mental health day, or an actual vacation.

I say the goal of work/life balance is unachievable because it’s similar to having the right amount of work each day. It’s a myth while still being a goal that has substantial benefits. If you never try you won’t come close. Plus, we all know that sometimes you’re heavier on the work side of life and others you’re heavier on the family or life side of life. Can you point to a time or even a day when you achieved perfect work/life balance?

We all work hard. One of the strategies that helps me stay focused on my work is the knowledge that I have planned breaks, whether taking a mental health day, a short or long weekend, or a weeklong vacation with my family. It helps me focus and be productive in my chosen profession. If all I had to focus on was work with no break in sight I’m not sure I could do it.

At the same time, I recognize we each have different things that motivate us. The point is that it’s important to to know what motivates you and your thought process and actions to try and have balance in your life. You cannot work all the time, the same as you cannot play all the time.

How do you achieve this balance? I wish I had the answer for everyone, but only you have that answer. What creates balance in your life will be different than what creates balance in my life, let alone for anyone else. But it is important to figure out what provides that balance for you. If you already have, or even start now, you are on your way.

Now, get back to work!