Are you content with where you are in your career and, if so, why? Maybe you just want to do the same old and punch the clock. Sounds boring to me, but it could be your thing. For most of us we see there can be more. What that is depends, but, for you, there likely are many options. It’s like the books where you read a page and what page you go to next depends on the option you choose. The point is we each have the ability to choose our own paths.

You always can do more, move up, or maybe move out to move up. Determine your path or next step by always asking how you get to the next level, asking for more responsibilities, and what you need to learn. Asking let’s those you report to or who are above you know that you want to improve yourself and move forward in your career. You may think they assume you do, but if you don’t ask you are leaving it to chance. It’s likely others are asking and will pass you by if you are passive and show no affirmative interest. Of course those you report to could ask you, but may not. Know it’s up to you.

This isn’t about being “boss’s pet” or something similar. It’s about controlling what you can, which is showing interest, asking questions, and following it up with action. At the end of the day asking alone will get you nowhere, but your actions will, whether it’s a work related project or learning on topics you need to know to be able to advance in your given field. We all have blind spots and asking will help you eliminate some of them.

Once you have some answers or direction, it’s up to you to take the reins and ride into your future.