Do you have a passion? I specifically am talking to a passion outside of your work. Maybe you like to play golf, or paint, or play an instrument alone or with others. If you don’t, can you pinpoint where you lost yourself into work or the interests or control of others? Feeling good about your work is important, as is enjoying what you do, because it takes up a lot of your time. Your passions outside of work provide texture to your life.

I’m an attorney who prides himself on doing the best I can for my clients to manage their risks with their given issues. That is one way to define me. On the other hand, those who know me will tell you I am passionate about music and live music, travel, and hiking. Sometimes when I am partaking in these activities, I specifically trying to take a break from my work and thinking about it. Other times, my passions and my work intersect.

I try to decide and control where the intersection is, but there is no way to fully control this. I may dictate a rough take of a blog post into my phone while hiking, or attend live music with co-workers, clients or other attorneys. In those instances, I may be looking for an opportunity to speak with a certain person outside the confines of my office or the business day, or have to be open to business and law being a topic of conversation raised by someone else. Other times I just want to lose myself in the music.

If you don’t have activities in which you find bliss, I encourage you to take time to consider this and try to find something. You can work hard and support your career while still taking time to do things you enjoy. If you disagree, this is a mental block. I am not telling you to take a month off to find yourself (unless you can afford to take that time and need to find yourself). I can hike for 45 minutes or an hour and get the break I need. Other times it may involve a longer vacation or leaving work early to meet up with people for food and drink before a concert. The time you choose to invest in yourself is up to you, but it’s an important investment.

If you have passions, but find yourself not taking or making time for them, put them on your calendar. Like most things, writing things down makes it more likely they will happen, or at least you will try. There are days where we don’t have the hour to give because of work and life related commitments, but most days you can find the time if you try. Are you willing to do so?