It’s been a long 15 months. Many people continue to work remotely, with some never to return to an office. Others never stopped going in. One thing most of us didn’t do was take real and meaningful breaks.

I don’t mean going for a walk or a family barbeque. I am speaking to vacation, to time away, where you can relax. Based on the numbers of people flying and travelling this summer, our country is waking from the long slumber of the pandemic. Are you getting away and really taking a long needed break?

Maybe you’re still not comfortable traveling because you don’t want to fly or stay in hotels. Then go camping where you can control the narrative (other than Mother Nature). There always is way to figure things out, especially something like this, which you need for your mental health.

I encourage you to find a way to take a real break in whatever way you are comfortable. The benefits are innumerable, and your work and life will be better for it.