Many people can’t help but compare themselves to others and judge others. This accomplishes nothing other than maybe making the person doing so feel good, at least for a moment. Talking about people doesn’t breed success or opportunity. Nor does it reflect well on those who do it.

On the other hand, talking about ideas and thoughts leads to learning, growing and success. I can talk about successful attorneys who develop a lot of work or I can talk about ideas to develop business myself and come up with a plan to do so. One has a chance to lead me to success, while the other is hot air leading me nowhere. I know which one is more attractive to me.

In talking about ideas, engage people you think will add to the conversation and tell you the negatives related to your ideas, not just the positives. Having people you trust as sounding boards will help you hone your ideas into action plans. Once you have that, it’s up to you to take the next step.