Life moves fast. We all have so many commitments in business and personally it can be hard to find time to sit back and relax. Despite this, it is important to commit to give back to your community and those in need. We all know this intuitively, but following through and committing our own time can be difficult.

But not only is your time and assistance needed by numerous non-profits and those they benefit, you feel good when you do it. This was brought home when my family all volunteered recently related to a sixth grade project my daughter is working on, which required volunteer hours. Doing so together was a great experience. The same is true regarding the numerous volunteer opportunities my firm provides to do good on our community.

And you don’t have to join a working or fundraising board, committing many, many hours per month and year. You can volunteer to walk a dog, paint a home, serve meals, etc., which are one-off volunteer opportunities likely taking a few hours of your time.

Even when you plan in advance the time likely won’t be convenient when you get there. But the time and service you provide is priceless to those you and your actions assist (the non-profit and its employees/lead volunteers) or benefit (children, the homeless, animals, etc.).

So plan a volunteer activity today. It is easy to finds non-profits and contact them to find out about volunteering. Do it now because it is easy to forget how lucky we are to be in the position to be the volunteers instead of one of those in need of assistance.