So I was watching the Olympic coverage last night and saw the women’s snowboard halfpipe competition.  First, these women are fearless, flying into the air on 22 foot high walls, spinning and flipping and making it all look easy. Second, as the final runs were happening and medal positions were being determined seemingly on each run, all of the women in medal contention were supporting each other and congratulating each other. No sour grapes (whether they felt that way inside or not).

Now this is a solo event aside from the idea of women from the same country being on the same “team.”  But whether they were from the United States, Australia or China, the support and camaraderie was apparent.

On her gold medal winning run, Kaitlyn Farrington of the United States, threw down one great trick after another.  When the television announcer said of her run “That was a machine gun of awesomeness,” my first reaction, and that of my family, was to laugh. But upon reflection all of us can have our own machine gun of awesomeness.

I have two partners finishing a four week jury trial.  How cool will it be if they can look back next week and say that the run of presenting their witnesses and cross-examining adverse witnesses was a machine gun of awesomeness? Or if that gal you know who has been working to land the big deal described the work she did to land it and the results as a machine gun of awesomeness?  The point is that any of us can work hard to achieve a goal or have a great result that is worthy of an entertaining catch phrase.

And when that happens, and you have your own machine gun of awesomeness, remember it usually takes more than just you, so remember who you need to thank for their support.  Or when you miss out on your machine gun of awesomeness, whether by a hair or more, provide support and good words to your “team” and honest congratulations to whoever deserves it.

Her is link to a short AP video on the women’s snowboard halfpipe competition: